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NM homeless pets

NM homeless pets

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  • Started May 9, 2019

    Created by Chelsea Watkins

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NM homeless pets
NM homeless pets

Hello, my name is Chelsea and I just lost my dog Charley of eleven years. I decided to try and get involved with local animal rescue organizations across New Mexico and I have learned a lot. There are more animals then shelters have room for and a lot of times fosters are needed to take those animals so shelters have enough space to take in more animals. This is a never-ending battle and a lot of animals are euthanized in the process. Since Charley has passed away I am trying to figure out a way I can give back in his remembrence. I have found out that we are in puppy and kitten season and that means certain items are needed. Puppy and Kitten food (dry and wet), pee pads, and kitty litter designed especially for kittens. I am asking for donations so I can buy these items and donate them to rescue organizations (HART, A Barking Chance, Lapdog Rescue, Fat Katz and so many others) . Anything will help and it will be used for the benefit of these abandoned and at risk Animals these organizations are fighting for. I plan on collecting for the month of May and then purchasing the items and donating them at the beginning of June. Thank you!

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