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Not another summer without my daughter

Not another summer without my daughter

Accidents & Personal Crisis San Francisco, CA 94131, United States
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  • Started May 11, 2017

    Created by Muriel Milne

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    Muriel Milne

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Not another summer without my daughter
Not another summer without my daughter

I have not seen my daughter since last December 2016.

Her father wants sole custody of her and has started a divorce in December 2015.

I have given everything to my children (I also have a son who turned 18 last April 2017), I have given up a career. I have not worked for a paid salary since 2003 when I was working as an English teacher in France.

I have worked nonetheless, home schooled both children, looked after them night and day, cared for them, stressed for them, never stopped loving them with all my heart. I never claimed to be the perfect mother even though I strived to be one. Tagged like a Martha Stewart with my home decoration to the canned food and home made three meals a day, I never stopped giving the best. Until the day arrived when their father ended abruptly our wedding and only months and months after admitted cheating on me and having an affair with a work colleague. That is when my world collapsed totally, it had started to crumble after my grand mother and after that when my grand father passed away but nothing had prepared me for a full year of grief and despair when my now ex husband showed his true colours. I had been the faithful wife, the devoted mother and had lost gradually without even realizing my identity for being reduced to 'wife of', 'mother of'.

I am now Muriel, back on my feet but without my children I still feel incomplete.

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