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Paint for Parents

Paint for Parents

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  • Started June 19, 2018

    Created by Anne Bumbalough

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    Mother & Child Education Center

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Paint for Parents
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    4 years ago
Paint for Parents

Mother & Child Education Center values parents and believes the way a parent feels can literally change the world. Although we’ve been serving the community in various locations since 1971, June 2018 marks the 10th Anniversary of transforming to Mother & Child, and we want to invite you to celebrate by raising funds to paint the exterior and interior of the center. The building is turning more taupe than white, paint is breaking in places from age, and cracks are running up the exterior walls [photos below].

Research shows aesthetics affect not only the way one feels about a place, but how one feels about oneself. Mother & Child Education Center exists to empower parents - to build parenting competence and confidence - and the way we hold space in character, service, and presence matters. The opportunity to communicate warmth, compassion, and trust through a well-painted facility that stands out in the Hollywood District of Portland, OR, is something we don’t take lightly. Mother & Child has been passed too many times with a genuine, “I shop across the street and never noticed you!”

Mother & Child offers a wide variety of services and assistance to parents during their child’s early infancy years of 0-5 - including education, guidance to local resources, and supplementary supplies - helping more than 1,600 parents, 2,400 children, and countless family members each year at no cost. Majority of whom MomChildPDX serves is living on low-income and has experienced some type of additional adversity as well. We want to make sure all to feel welcome and cared for.

Please help show Mother & Child’s value and presence in the community by supporting efforts to raise $13,500 to spruce up the center! Help Reach this Goal by Giving Any Amount (or other) Below, to See Parents Welcomed & Empowered at Mother & Child Education Center!

  • $15 = Quart of Paint
  • $25 = Gallon of Paint
  • $100 = 5-Gal Paint
  • $300 = 1 Hour of [Lead Based Paint Certified] Exterior Painting
  • $800 = Help Cover any Extra Expenses
  • $1,600 = Half the Interior
  • $3,200 = Entire Interior
  • $4,750 = Half Exterior
  • $9,500 = Entire Exterior
  • $13,500 = Cover-It-All
  • *We anticipate needing 30+ gallons of paint, 4 gallons of primer, and 6-7 days of labor for the exterior. MomChildPDX's exterior contains Lead Based Paint, which requires the company to be Lead Based Paint certified, for the safety of our staff and the families we serve.

If you live in or near the Portland, OR area, we'd like to invite you to drop by Thursday, June 28 11:30am-1pm (1515 NE 41st Ave Portland, OR 97232) for some punch and cake to celebrate our 10th Birthday, and to see the center pre-paint update. We'll even have paint swatches for attendees to see what's-to-come!

Paint is Chipping All Around the Outside of the House...

Mother & Child is continually passed by with a "I never noticed you!". By painting and updating the color of the center, we will communicate safety and trust, and we will also be noticed by our neighbors: no longer a shadow to the building beside us.

A lighter painted door will invite others inside.

Chipped paint can also be found throughout the interior of the center.

  • Anne Bumbalough

    said 4 years ago

    Thanks to the Nanson family for donating $100, covering 5-gallons of paint!

  • Anne Bumbalough

    said 4 years ago

    Thank you to the Stricklin family, who just donated $25 for a gallon of paint!

  • Anne Bumbalough

    said 4 years ago

    Thanks to all who have given, and to those who stopped by today for our #celebratewithpaint event, kicking off #paintforparents campaign and celebrating Mother & Child's 10th anniversary! Please help reach our goal of $13,500 by Aug.31 by sharing with friends, family, and co-workers!