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Paying it Forward

Paying it Forward

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  • Started May 14, 2020

    Created by Tamara Gier

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    Tamara Jarosch's Paying it Forward

Paying it Forward
Paying it Forward

My name is Tamara and I am working to raise $15,000.00 to help get Thriving by Lily Health & Wellness Coaching services & blog directed towards women 45 years old & older. Dedicated towards helping women be the best they can be in relation to diet & exercise, incorporating a healthy positive mindset, retirement, finances, relationships, traveling safely & career.
The money raised will be used to promote educational activities, sponsor off site exercise instruction, used for individual & group coaching by assisting individuals who normally couldn’t afford counseling, introduction packages as well as t-shirts & hoodies.
We are presented with a sad but true bigger picture of clients being unable to afford reliable medical care let alone behavioral health with a lack of insurance being a country wide epidemic. That is just for basic medical insurance. Never mind that to be lucky enough to carry behavioral health insurance, finding a practitioner who accepts said insurance is difficult at best. The money raised will provide counseling services to 15 individuals minimum. Group structure is considerably less expensive and more people will have the chance to be assessed by a professional, certified counselor
We are very excited & grateful for all of the help you are able to provide. Promoting healthy mental fitness is a priority for Lily. A deadline of June 15th for all donations will be the cutoff date.
Any & all donations will be forwarded directly to Thriving by Lily Look Inside Love Yourself.
Thank you once again for your help & support. We are forever grateful.

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