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Please, help me see the light!

Please, help me see the light!

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  • Started October 15, 2019

    Created by Ashley Novak

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    Ashley Novak

Please, help me see the light!
Please, help me see the light!

My name Ashley and I am 33 years old. I am an elementary school teacher and I absolutely love what I do. I teach at a title one school where most of the students come from poverty and very tough situations. I love being able to educate and mentor these students and help them see their potential. Being someone the students can look up to and seeing them open up and succeed is such a rewarding experience and I only hope that my influences on them help them become who they truly are and want to be. Everyday I wake up and am thankful to be here. I am kind, caring, motivated, and am doing everything in my power to continue moving forward in life and in my career.
I have been through many things in life good and bad and there has always been a light at the end of the tunnel and things seem to work out and I grow from my experiences, until recently. I am stuck and I feel like it’s never going to end. Last December I was very unfairly let go from my teaching position on the last day before Christmas break. I was on the probationary terms still since I was new to the county I was teaching at and therefore I was the easiest to let go after being told how wonderful I was and how they wanted to keep me there for many years to come. This was the best job I had ever had. This caused me to be out of work for a few months without pay. This was just the start of everything. I finally found another teaching position late February. Over the summer my problems continued. Right at the start of summer my car battery had to be replaced and the car ac had to be fixed. After that my home ac stopped working and needed expensive repairs. On June 12, 2019 I was in a car accident where I was hit twice by the same man causing lots of damage to my car and injuries to myself and boyfriend. Currently we are still pursing a case against the driver who hit me. My boyfriend and I have been going to physical therapy 3 times a week since then and now are seeing neurologists and neurosurgeons. We both may have to have surgery on the herniated/bulging disks pushing on our spinal chords. We also have to have steroid and epidural injections to help with pain and nerve damage. This has had impacts to my job and his causing significant lost wages and financial difficulties. My current employer has been giving me a hard time about missing work for my doctors appointments and made it known that my job could be in jeopardy and my boyfriend has not been back to work since the accident due to the blackouts he has been having due to his concussion. He lives with me and contributes to the bills, mortgage payment, and other expenses, but since he hasn’t been working or receiving funds yet from our legal team regarding the accident he hasn’t been able to help. This experience has caused a huge burden financially and I have not been able to keep my head above water and catch up instead I keep falling more and more behind. I haven’t been able to make payments on bills for electricity or utilities, I am super behind on my mortgage payments and do not want to lose my house, I can barley afford groceries or gas to get to and from work. On top of this experience I have also had no kitchen as that has been having work on it because of a massive leak from the dishwasher. Having no kitchen means I have been having to eat fast food constantly if that. Finding a little bit of money to spare for a cheap meal from McDonald’s or similar places has been rough. Just earlier this week my car decided to stop working again and I had to get it towed to a dealership where they told me I needed to replace my clutch coming to a grand total of $2200 plus a new tire because it shredded. They would not cover a rental for me and therefore I had to lose more work and or Uber which again I really couldn’t afford.
I feel like things are never going to get better this time and I am at my breaking point and just need a break. I just want to get caught up and be able to get a head a little so that I can continue focusing on being successful in my career and life. I want to take the next steps in my life but I can’t seem to get there because of everything that keeps pilling on. I am a good person and am just asking for a little help to help me get caught up and move forward in life. I want nothing more than to be successful, get married one day and start a family with my boyfriend, and continue to better myself both personally and as an educator. Please help me see the light at the end of this tunnel. Anything will help and it will not go unappreciated. I will pay it forward and be forever grateful!

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