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Redeeming Families from Brick Kiln in Pakistan

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  • Started November 2, 2020

    Created by SoulWinning Mission

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    SoulWinning Mission's Redeeming Families from Brick Kiln in Pakistan

Redeeming Families from Brick Kiln in Pakistan

Soul Winning Mission is working in collaboration with Gospel Hills Church to pay off the debts of some families in Pakistan who have been enslaved due to their inability to pay off debts. Some of these families have been working at the Brick Kiln for more than 15 years! One of the families consists of three generations (mother, son & his wife and grandchildren). They are caught in a cycle of debt, wherein it is engineered that they will never be able to satisfy the debt.

Please see the video of Pastor's visit to the families working at the Brick Kiln. We are hoping that you will be moved as much as we are, and help us redeem these families that have been enslaved. Our goal is to get them out before Christmas 2020.

Christ died on the cross for all of us. Christ's death should set ALL FREE! Please join Soul Winning Mission to assist these families pay off their debts and end their slavery.

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