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Reunite a family

Reunite a family

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  • Started June 30, 2017

    Created by kabie resopgoss

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Reunite a family
Reunite a family

i am a mother of 5 awesome children and a grandma to a beautiful granddaughter. After leaving an abusive marriage my ex husband disappeared with my 3 youngest children. When this happened I became extremely depressed and pushed my older 2 children away. Thankfully my older 2 understood what I was going through a showed me forgiveness. After three years of searching I finally got to see my other three. My youngest child and only daughter came to live with me right away. I have been living 12 hours away for the past five years and I'm trying to move back home to reunite with my children. It's been way too long since we have all been together and this is something that means the world to me. Any and all donations received will go directly towards moving expenses to move back home and get a place to live. Any and all donations no matter the size would be greatly appreciated and definitely be put to good use. Any parent who has been away from your child will know the pain that I have been going through and would know how much joy it would be to be reunited with their with their loved ones. I am hoping to have donations received by the 1st of August so I can get settled in before my daughter has to start school again. Once again I would thank you from the bottom of my heart for any and all donations.

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