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Sandra Marshall for San Luis Obispo City Mayor

Sandra Marshall for San Luis Obispo City Mayor

Politics San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, USA
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  • Started September 2, 2020

    Created by Sandra Marshall

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Sandra Marshall for San Luis Obispo City Mayor
Sandra Marshall for San Luis Obispo City Mayor

My name is Sandra Marshall and I am running for Mayor of San Luis Obispo

WHY AM I RUNNING? I have simply had enough!

Rather than complain or speak for 3 minutes during public comments at a City Council meeting, where decisions appear to have already been made, I chose to jump into the race. As a SLO resident for 45 years with solid history as an activist and business owner I believe I am the most capable person to serve as Mayor for the next two years.

Below are a few important issues that I will take action on as your Mayor:

Save Our Downtown

Despite objections by local residents and a Zoning Regulation stating the maximum building height in Downtown SLO is 50-ft the City Council approved a 75-ft building at its August 18 meeting. Simply by including Affordable Housing in the developer’s plan the project height was allowed to increase by 25-ft. This is a victory for builders and a loss to our Downtown. As your Mayor I will work to preserve our Downtown charm, historic buildings and enforce the building height ordinance. Mark my words, once this large footprint takes hold it will lay precedence for more to come.

Save the Trees

Last January 564 old-growth trees on Madonna Rd were cut down to make room for 580 homes at San Luis Ranch. Watching these 100 year-old-trees being cut down and turned into wood chips was painful. The environmental cost of that decision is the equivalent of having nearly 790 tons of Co2 dumped into our environment. Sadly, the stately blue herons that soared above those trees were moved to another location. Yes, 700 native trees and willow cuttings will be planted but how long will it take to replace the benefits we loss from this made man forest?

Open Space

The City of SLO has 7,000 acres of Open Space. Unlike parks, Open Space is undeveloped protected pieces of land left to nature and wild life. In some designated areas trails are accessible to the public. In past City Surveys Open Space was rated as one of the most important issue to residents. Because some Open Space maintenance is performed by Parks and Rec rangers Open Space is listed under Parks and Rec on the most recent survey. To track the level of public support and funding I will ask that Open Space be listed separately on future public surveys.

Protecting Your Rights

Under my leadership as Mayor your freedom of speech and right to assemble will be protected at all times. For the safety of all and in an effort to create harmony at public gatherings and marches on city property I will advocate for nonviolent training for group leaders, the public and law enforcement. From my own experience this training created a healthy bond between participants, and provided tools for managing large groups of people and steps to having successful communication with law enforcement.

As your Mayor I will, to the best of my ability, ensure that all voices are heard and all sides are considered. Your questions and suggestions will always be welcomed. We will continue to address the hard issues of racism, affordable housing, jobs and wages, transportation, homelessness, air quality, and the growth and parking in Downtown SLO together.

Feel free to email me:
or write to me at
Sandra Marshall
P.O. Box 3436
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-3436

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