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Save me so that my pet rock does not go homeless

Save me so that my pet rock does not go homeless

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  • Started June 12, 2017

    Created by Tamara Hodge

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    Tamara Hodge

Save me so that my pet rock does not go homeless
Save me so that my pet rock does not go homeless

Hello. My name is Nathan. I am 16 years of age. Above is a picture of my pet rock. I named him Kurt. I just got him yesterday.

I was so excited when I got him I didn't even think about how I plan to take care of him in the future. What I mean is I have a problem... A medical one.

For 5 years I have known about this problem, a year and 1/2 after being aware of this problem is when it was realised how serous it is.

I have a problem with the chest structure... Well, pretty much a deformity. Okay... Yeah. A deformity. It makes for unpleasant effects. Some of these are feeling and hearing ribs move on the left side as I breathe, difficulty breathing and self consciousness. The self consciousness is due to it being highly visible when not wearing enough layers of clothing. One of the most serious issues is that every day is basically "is this going to kill me today".

I need to get this problem corrected and the only way to do so is surgically. The cost of the needed procedure is roughly 8000 usd. Due to lack of funds my small family and I can not afford this procedure.

Since this problem will cause my early demise, that means my pet rock will not have a place to go. Don't let my pet become homeless. He's never said a bad thing about anyone and he does not deserve to be left on the streets.

Donations are deeply appreciated.

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