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Scholarship with a HeART

Scholarship with a HeART

Community East Providence, RI 02914, United States
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  • Started June 2, 2017

    Created by Jennifer Cahoon

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  • Funds will go to

    HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery

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Scholarship with a HeART
  • Over $1300 donated to date! That's over 8 seats donated by the community (and beyond) and 4 which will be donated directly from HeARTspot!

    Thank You!!

    Discussions are currently being held to design interesting programming for our city's youth. These programs will be run by community members for the kids who live here.

    The Fall is going to be wonderful for these kids thanks to your generosity!!

    (HeARTspot LLC is not a Non Profit Organization. Donations are not subject to tax write off.)

    3 years ago
Scholarship with a HeART

My name is Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon, owner of HeARTspot Art Center and Gallery in East Providence Rhode Island. HeARTspot is an art center in the heart of East Providence featuring an instructional space for classes, a gallery for showing and selling work of local artists and a gift shop which is designed to support local artists and artisans.

Not only do I want this space to be a center for the arts here in EP, I'm equally committed to giving back to the community I call home. On June 3, 2017 I'll be opening my doors to the community for the first time and launching what will be an amazing adventure.

The Grand Opening will also double as the launch of my Scholarship With HeART fundraiser. Money raised through this fundraiser will go to children in need living here in our community.

A little backstory is needed here. For 20 years I served as a public school teacher in this city teaching both in Special Education classrooms and in an art room where I was the Department Chair at the high school. I didn't leave teaching because of the kids. I LOVED working with the diverse students in this city. When I resigned and pursued a career in fine art in 2015 I felt after a time something was missing. At my core, I'm a teacher and I needed to reintegrate that back into what I was doing in my day to day life. For that reason, the idea of HeARTspot was born.

This year, I subbed for a short while and learned that nearly 70% of the students attending the high school were receiving free or reduced lunch. What does this mean? This indicates that these kids are coming in from families struggling to make ends meat. These kids families who I adore likely wouldn't be able to be in the position to sign students up for extra curricular activities so many parents like me take for granted as something that can be worked into the family budget. And art classes? They could provide a world of self-discovery and joy for kids here in the district during after school hours which are shown to be the time kids are at most risk to get into trouble.

It was from discovering all of this that the idea for this scholarship was born.

I will be working in partnership with K-12 teacher colleagues here in EP starting in the fall to identify students who would most benefit from a tuition free class and giving them seats at an art table for free.

To do this, I need your help. For every $160 raised a student will be given a seat. For every two full seats donated, I will donate one out of pocket for up to 20 sponsored students.

And if $160 is more than you can afford? A partial donation will go towards a seat when partnered with donations from other individual business and communities.

My goal is to fill 20 seats during my first year in operation. I think we can do it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to hear my story and for your assistance in helping me help the kids of East Providence. I appreciate your support as will the kids who will benefit from your incredible generosity.

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