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Start a cat rescue and resource website

Start a cat rescue and resource website

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  • Started July 17, 2018

    Created by Sandra Wade

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Start a cat rescue and resource website
Start a cat rescue and resource website


When I first moved into my house a little over a year ago, I saw 2 regular stray cats roaming the street. Lately, that has mushroomed to 6.

According to estimates, there are approximately 30-40,000 strays in our city. These homeless cats face a short and difficult life. Not to mention, they pose a significant threat to bird populations!

I love cats and can't stand to see so many of them without homes. I myself rescued a stray, and I have personally rescued and adopted out 3 cats so far, and another one is being fostered by Green Street Rescue.

I would love to do more, but I am running out of resources. Rescuing cats is very time and money-intensive. It takes time away from my career as well as requiring money for food, litter, vet visits, toys, etc.

Now that the summer months have cursed us with 90+ degree weather, many cats are dying of dehydration. I need a window A/C unit for the spare bedroom where I house my fosters. I have to keep the door closed because of my own cat, and it gets very hot in there. A/C units cost about $200.

I am very short on funds right now because, as a breast cancer survivor, I have huge medical bills I am STILL paying off.

This is where I need some help.

I run a website called I want to develop it and model it after "pin-ups for pitbulls", acting as an informational site, but also a rescue organization. I have several models who love cats willing to help me with it.

Hopefully, eventually, we will be able to help cats, and make a little money at the same time. But for now, it is in a rudimentary stage.

If you donate, non-anonamously, I will put your info in a database, and eventually I plan to do random giveaways of autographed pics of the models, a "sexy cat ladies" calendar, mugs, t-shirts, and other goodies!

So please consider chipping in..even if it's only a few dollars. Every little bit helps.

All the homeless cats like Buddy, in the photo (who I rescued and placed with happy cat mom Teresa!) thank you!!!!

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