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Stranded in the U.K.

Stranded in the U.K.

Accidents & Personal Crisis New Orleans, LA 70115, United States
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  • Started April 11, 2017

    Created by Abby St Claire

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    Abby St Claire

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Stranded in the U.K.
Stranded in the U.K.

Hi I'm Abby!

I mistakenly took the train to the wrong Airport and am now stuck in London. The airline will not put me on another flight and they tell me it will cost 900 pounds for me to return home...needless to say I am poor, amd could barely afford this trip to begin with. Can yoj please help me return to the states? Im not asking for much just anything that you can spare. I will be forever greatful! I will cook you dinner, I will perform any task you ask of me, you can even have my fur coat! Really anythjng at all!

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