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Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

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  • Started June 20, 2018

    Created by christina norfleet

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Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention

I was recently named Global Goodwill Ambassador for demonstrating kindness daily. We are a group of over 400,000 members. It was and is a great honor. I have witnessed the loss of so many people in my life over the years. I have lost friends and family members and nothing hurts more than feeling as if you could have done more to save someone. I am now doing more not because I don’t already dedicate my life to encouraging and motivating others but because I do and it matters! It is so sad to think that even for one moment that a person can doubt their value enough to feel irrelevant. I have started a page on Facebook- You’re Not Alone to motivate and encourage others. I want to help others feel worthy and appreciated. I would like to begin in my community however I hope to make a noticeable change. I would like to host events for empowering those who join the group at no cost to them in order to give them the support they require.

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