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Support Paxiiwovem Canoe Family!

Support Paxiiwovem Canoe Family!

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  • Started May 9, 2018

    Created by Tahesha Knapp Christensen

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    Paxiiwovem Canoe Family

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Support Paxiiwovem Canoe Family!
Support Paxiiwovem Canoe Family!

The Paxiwovem Canoe Family is an intertribal collective made up of both the Tongva peoples of the Los Angeles basin and Southern California Islands and Indigenous peoples from many nations together through pulling water, prayer, and art. We add to the re membering of the Tongva peoples. Together we carry the canoe to the ocean. We are the Redwinged Blackbird Canoe Family.

This canoe is only the 2nd one in 200 years in a practice that has been sleeping and waiting for our people to awaken and return with her to our Ocean relatives. We do this to honor our ancestors, to recognize our continued presence as Indigenous peoples relating to our land and water in sacred ways through ceremony, and for our 7th generation to know who they are and where they come from so they can keep these ways alive and going strong in the future.


The Canoe has been built and launched in previous years with great success and even crossed over to Canada B.C. waters from Washington State. We now have more people attending this year, about 20 total, so we need help with crowdfunding for a sailboat rental. The sailboat will travel alongside the canoe for the safety of our intertribal canoe family that includes elders and children. The sailboat will require gas so any donations toward this and the associated rental cost will be most welcomed. We have a highly experienced person to command the safety boat and is volunteering his time and skill to be on this journey. We also do need donations to this link for food and travel costs for some of the people wanting to attend this ceremony who cannot afford otherwise to get there and back. Please help our Tongva people and Indigenous relatives on this journey towards cultural renewal and revitalization. If you live in Los Angeles and So Cal you may consider that Tongva people have been our hosts for hundreds of years and have asked very little. Now is the time for us to give back to our relatives. To help them and to help us all to return to the land and ocean in a sacred way in the iitar canoe. Support Paxiiwovem family and iitar journey today and honor the true landlords of Los Angeles. Paddles hit the water in Washington on July 15th. Please support, tell your friends about this opportunity to give back, and thank you in advance.

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