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Surviving and Thriving Single Parenthood

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  • Started December 28, 2017

    Created by Renee Reid

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    Surviving and Thriving Single Parenthood

Surviving and Thriving Single Parenthood



Hello, my name is Renee Reid. I am the founder and Executive Director of Surviving and Thriving SingleParenthood.Our mission is to raise the awareness of the importance ofquality afterschool and summer programming and to provide scholarships to children ofsingle, low income, and foster families.

We want to ensure that every child betweenthe ages of 13-18 , 21 if they have been diagnosed with disability.has access to quality, educational, and safeafter school and summer programming. Most government childcare subsidies end whena child turns 12, and that is where we step in to fill the gap.

As asingle mom of five, I knew firsthand how important it was to have access to quality after school programming. Without it, I would not have been to workor earn two Masters’ degrees in History and Education. .My children thrived in their after schoolprograms. They learned social, leadership,and goal setting skills that took them through college, military service, andraising families of their own.

Did you know that the hours between 2-6 pm can be the mostdangerous time of day for our teens. Studies have shown that students who do not participate in supervised activities are more likely to fall victim to bullying or otherviolent crimes.

After school and summer programming provides more than babysittingservices, It stretches a child’s imagination and increases their academicconfidence. Our scholarships provideassistance, to the football or basketball player the dancer and the budding scientist, just to name a few of our scholarship opportunities. .We help children follow their passion. This is especially important now, when mostschool districts are forced to cut funding to their after school sports and academic programs and families mustnow pay to participate.

After school and summer programming is wonderful for children but italso allows their caregivers the opportunities to work or attend school knowingtheir child is in a safe environment. Don’t leave our kids standing on the sidelines. We need yourhelp, summer camp is right around the corner. We would like to provide 50 scholars with scholarships to begin orcontinue the hard work towards their goals, or to attend a summer camp in their area Each donation moves us closer to reaching our goal whichis to ensure that every child has access to safe, quality, and fun, afterschool and summer programming.

Surviving and Thriving Single Parenthoodoperates under the umbrella of the Women's Non-Profit Alliance, a 501(c)3 taxexempt non-profit. Your contribution is tax deductible.

From me and the families we have the pleasureof serving thank you so much for your support of our mission.

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