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The Washout Reef Project

The Washout Reef Project

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  • Started July 13, 2018

    Created by Carl Contrino

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The Washout Reef Project
The Washout Reef Project

Each year over ten BILLION TONS of concrete are poured in the United States. That constitutes over 569 MILLION loads of concrete delivered to job sites per year. Further, EACH AND EVERY load of concrete delivered must perform a "wash-out" of the remaining unused concrete left in its chute or hopper. That means perfectly good, uncontaminated concrete that will be poured into a waste container and trucked into a landfill from every truck. That math means that concrete projects inside the United States send 393,162,000 CUBIC YARDS of concrete to landfills EVERY YEAR!

As a large scale commercial construction Superintendent I have watched this waste for over 20 years and at the same time as an avid sport fisherman I have also watched the decline of our ocean's health for years. Now my wife and I have come up with a way to both stop the waste pressure of this concrete bye-pour on our landfills and turn it into artificial reefs that will help replenish the earth's oceans. We have devised a process where the concrete contractors will perform their daily tasks of pouring concrete and building our great country then when they "wash-out" their trucks they can do so into specially modified containers that will turn this prior wasted concrete into artificial reef structures to be set in our bays and oceans!

With this process, if we get only 1% participation in the concrete poured each year, we can over 69 acres of artificial reef each year. That's from just a 100th of the concrete poured each year.

We currently have written commitment from The Ocean City Reef Foundation in Ocean City Maryland that they will receive and place our structures, securing the delivery to the ocean floor as well as the permitting to do so necessary for our reefs! And they are just the first such foundation we have approached.

It is true there are other artificial reef building projects making custom "reef balls" to help replenish life in the sea. The difference with my idea is that it utilizes what was once a massive waste product for our country and turns it into the artificial reefs that will explode with marine life! What makes our project appealing to the construction world is that our reefs our made without any additional effort to the contractors pouring the concrete. In fact the Washout Reef Project will make washing out a concrete truck a tax write off every time concrete is poured! Now a process that was once an expense in the wasted concrete, labor to load and dispose of concrete due to landfill charges will BECOME A PROFITABLE TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION! Thus greatly incentivising contractors to take part in the Washout Reef Project! The modified Wash-out Reef forms will not cost contractors any more than the disposable products they are currently using. Contracctors have nothing to lose and much to gain!

Your funds will be used as the seed capital to move The Washout Reef Project forward and give it the momentum it needs to help change the oceans through proper marketing, process and product refinement, materials procurement and ultimately finished reef handling and delivery to the docks.

While I am certain it is obvious to you how the Washout Reef Project will be a benefit to both the ocean as well as to the reduction of landfill waste, getting the message out is not going to be an easy task. We are currently a tiny start up consisting of myself and my beautiful wife. We lack any kind of even regional much less nation presence to make our project known without your help! Not to mention, that even with all the benefits for their bottom line that the Washout Reef Project will offer to construction companies, they are notoriously hard to accept any change to their processes. It will take much effort to make this a standard washout process for the concrete industry. Take it from me!

It is my intention to move this project into a not-for-profit 501c3 organization as soon as possible. As you may know, that requires funds and overhead to accomplish as well.

We want to thank each and every one of you for just having read this far and we are eternally grateful for any and all funds you can give. The Washout Reef Project will be great of that much we are certain! It would be our honor if you would be part of it!

Our thanks to you all!

Carl and Tracy

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