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To help me and disabled person fix my home needs lots of repairs and a roof

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  • Started January 9, 2017

    Created by Dennis Edgeworth

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    Dennis Edgeworth

to help me and disabled person fix my home needs lots of repairs and a roof

to see more Let me tell you a little about me. I am a disabled person, and I created this site because I need your help. I live in a house that my mother left me when she died, but now my house needs help. I made this site hoping to save my house because it is in bad need of repair. I am taking donations so I can make the repairs it need. I have uploaded some videos to show you what I mean. The roof needs repaired. When it rains the water poors in. The bath room Needs fixed. There is one bed room that leaks. I have asked red cross for help, United way, and other organizations , but they tell me is that they can not help. So now I am asking you. If you can donate just $1 $5 $10 or what ever you can that would be great. Take a look at the videos and you will see just what I mean. I don't like to ask for help, but I just get $838 a month. SO please after looking at the video would you please HELP. By clicking on the donate button on this page and, dotaing as much as you can will help me to save my home. The heat in my home has not worked in year. The bathroom needs lots of repairs. Windows with water damage.

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