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Trumbull Model UN Club Field Trip Fundraiser

Trumbull Model UN Club Field Trip Fundraiser

Education Trumbull, CT 06611, USA
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  • Started November 8, 2018

    Created by Jack LaBarca

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Trumbull Model UN Club Field Trip Fundraiser
Trumbull Model UN Club Field Trip Fundraiser

Who we are:
We are Trumbull High School’s Model United Nations club. Through this club, students essentially simulate the United Nations, representing different nations, debating through their perspectives, and attempting resolve to global issues. Through this process, students broaden their world view and become more involved global citizens.

What we are raising money for:
This year, one of the conferences we will be attending is the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, run by UPenn.

Why this is important :
This conference is important because it offers students the opportunity to put the skills they have practiced at club meetings to use and to gain a deeper understanding of global issues through thee art of debate and compromise.

How the money will be used:
The conferences we go on are the outlets from which the THS Model UN team is able to display the efforts and preparation they have put in. However, these trips can oftentimes be expensive. With your donations, we could reduce the costs of the trips so that the maximum amount of students would be able to go; more students on these trips equivocates to more students expanding their knowledge and experiences with Model UN.

When you need the money by:
Our first trip is planned for the end of January but we have deposit deadlines in December.

How much you appreciate donations:
Your donations will make a big difference for our club and any amount goes a long way. By helping our club go to Philadelphia for this wonderful conference, you will get to see the benefits that it has for students. There are many things that students learn on these trips such as public speaking, interaction skills, and worldly knowledge. These are all things that helps students not only in school, but in college and beyond! Once again, thank you for your donation as it helps students further their education in a more interactive way.
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