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Tyler’s Hidden Treasures Autism Family Support

Tyler’s Hidden Treasures Autism Family Support

Community Binghamton, NY, USA
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  • Started April 22, 2018

    Created by nay turner

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    Tyler’s Hidden Treasures

Tyler’s Hidden Treasures Autism Family Support
Tyler’s Hidden Treasures Autism Family Support

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Hey Everyone! My name is Lanaya and I am the mother of a beautiful six year old boy named Tyler. Tyler was diagnosed with Autism just before he turned two and it has been an eye opening journey every since. Tyler actually started regressing a little after he turned one and this is one of the things that left both me and the doctors puzzled. All speech and cues suddenly stopped and his normal everyday activities seemed all but foreign to him. It was a very confusing time and Autism Awareness wasn't something that was really pushed as it is now. I honestly never even heard of it until then. I learned everything i know through research and trial and error and I began to figure out what worked best for my son. As a single parent I could have the let the situation get the best of me and I could have broke down but I didn't. This road is not easy and a strong family and friends base is key. It is really hard to go through this journey alone especially if you are as uninformed as I was when starting this journey.

There are tons of resources available that may not always be advertised and often it is up to us to help ourselves. Tyler's Hidden Treasures highlights some of these "Hidden Treasures" which can include places, programs, activities, and any other resources that we may not know are available to us. Through this information sharing, we have built a community that bands together to uplift one another and offer the support that many of us do not have.

Even though I have my own businesses, I also know as a single parent the financial strain that can be put upon families with expenses going towards therapy, sensory toys, or other equipment so I try to alleviate some of the burden by doing giveaways monthly. I have an ongoing birthday giveaway that is solely supported by my children’s boutique which includes a full birthday outfit and a customized birthday T-shirt. I also do giveaways for sensory equipment and toys, adaptive clothing, books, gift cards and more to help these families out. Please support this campaign as a small donation towards these giveaways so that I can help even more families. It breaks my heart to see all the families that contact me each month and even though I can’t help all I would like to expand what I’m doing now.

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