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Underground Homeless Initiative

Underground Homeless Initiative

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  • Started September 7, 2018

    Created by Serenity Mask

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    Billie Burgoon\dba(Underground Homeless Initiative)

Underground Homeless Initiative
Underground Homeless Initiative

My name is Serenity, and I have a calling to start a Ministry Outreach, mainly helping the homeless, also teaching the word and spreading love to others.

I have been researching, planning and creating for almost a year, while I, myself have been getting back on track from being homeless.

I have collected a lot of clothing, hygiene items, and have been making contact with the community regarding donations and locations of homeless 'camps'. Unfortunately, I've had a setback with the vehicle I am purchasing. Plus, my living expenses just doubled due to not having a roommate.

This time of year is critical for the homeless, with the rain soaking their clothing andor blankets. This makes health and skin issues even worse. Nobody should have to live with nowhere to go and nobody to turn to. As I mentioned, I know from experience, it can happen to anyone. The judgement from society weighs a person down so much that it's hard to stay focused or ask for help.

Thank you so much for reading!

If I am able to raise money, it will be used, first and foremost to get the paperwork filed for my nonprofit organization. Then I may be able to pursue other funding.

Any other donations will be used to purchase miscellaneous items such as: waterproof bags and ponchos for those in need, to put stuff in and wear; socks and underwear; water jugs; a storage to keep donations in and if not too costly a couple of donation bins; parts for the car and tags if I don't have it all by then (so I can pick up donations and make deliveries). I don't really need a car for daily use. I work within walking distance.

All proceeds to benefit the Underground Homeless Initiative in the aforementioned ways.

Proverbs 29:4~~By justice a king gives stability to the land.

Utterly Sincere,


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