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US Veteran needs back surgery. The VA will not approve my surgery.

US Veteran needs back surgery. The VA will not approve my surgery.

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  • Started August 22, 2020

    Created by Victor Malafronte

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US Veteran needs back surgery. The VA will not approve my surgery.
US Veteran needs back surgery. The VA will not approve my surgery.

US Marine Corps Honorably Discharged Veteran needs your assistance.

Victor A. Malafronte

The Veterans Administration is not a horrible Federal Agency. However, in the pasted two years, an investigation of the VA revealed a systemic pattern of problems ranging from Secretary of the VA’s alleged holiday trip for his family and friends to Europe to attend a tennis championship. In addition, there were fresh accusations of falsified waiting list and a system wide failure to discipline employee employees.

When I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1963. My dear father, a veteran of WWII told me, “Whatever you do don’t go to the VA for anything”. He was loving and wise man.

I am a Vietnam era Honorably Discharged US Marine. I am reaching out to the community for financial support. The Veterans Administration will not approve my back surgery. I will need home care to recover from the surgery. I will not be able to drive my car. Or prepare my food. It is expensive. I need your help. I tried to live a good life. I do not want to live the rest of my life as a crippled old man. I need back surgery for two degenerative disc T-3 and T-4. I have extensive medical records. I am media savvy. I can speak well in case you want to do an interview.

I had treatments for my back pain from the VA over the pasted 2 years. They included an MRI, 2 rounds of physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, EKG, EEG, and two rounds of facet nerve blocking injections in my spine. They were all “VA band aids”. The medications were garbage. That is how the VA operates. The VA treatments did not improve my condition. The VA will not approve my back operation. They denied this kind of procedure to save disability money. VA doctors do not want to be put on “watch list” because they authorized a major medical treatment for a senior age veteran. They prefer to delay and delay treatments. The veteran will need additional medical care after a back surgery.(After 4-year battle, I finally received my Marine Corps service-connected disability in 2010). They think veterans are second class citizens. They prefer that the Vet dies, so they will save more disability money. Do not forget the 30-40 Veterans who died at the Phoenix, AZ VA Regional Hospital. (This is just one major example.) They were put on a secret do not contact list. They were not contacted to receive their needed medical care. After they died. The VA claimed that the sick veterans died while waiting for medical care. The administrators will receive higher-performance bonus money from the VA as an award. For shame, Veterans Administration. They should have been charged with manslaughter.

It is difficult for me to stand up straight, make my bed or do laundry without having to take a break because of my intense back pain. Once I strain my back. I will be in more intense pain for the rest of the day. This life has become very depressing for me. I have reached out to family and friends for support. I need to raise $65000. I am hoping that our community will be able to help me.

Donations can be sent to me Victor A. Malafronte via Pay Pal, Personal Check or via Zelle at the Bank of America or Wells Fargo. My email: Address: 453 W. El Norte Pkwy #108. Escondido, CA 92026. Cell: 760-214-3499. (I believe your donation is tax deductible). I can make your donation confidential if you prefer. Thank you very much. Victor A. Malafronte.

  • Victor Malafronte

    said 1 month ago

    Did you hear what trump said about the members of our armed forces? That, son of a dog. That bastard. I serve in the USMC 1963-1967. I am ready to fight you trump. Victorsan