• Remains the strongest outreach available.
  • Summarize your campaign page and include the campaign link (multiple times). Make it easy for people to click to your campaign.
  • Access all available names for each distribution partner (identified above).
  • Facebook/Twitter/Social networks.
  • Share the campaign page!
  • Share it again! (social networks limit the distribution for each post)
  • Use Messenger and Texts! Direct messaging often is more effective than simple posts. Include a brief message why this campaign matters to you along with a link to the campaign (each campaign has a button to create a tiny URL).
  • Respond to comments/shares – People liked to be thanked. You can’t thank people enough!
  • Website
  • Create a direct link on your website to your campaign.
  • Use the “embed” functionality on your campaign page.
    Thank Donors; share campaign updates
  • Thank Donors publicly; thanking people on your Facebook Page creates a nice reason to re-share your campaign.
  • Send Thank you emails. (You can access donor data from your campaign dashboard). Ask donors to share your campaign on social media.