Creating and managing a campaign on Kind.Fund is free. There are no upfront charges. We do charge a small fee for each successful donation. Specifically, for each donation, Kind.Fund charges a 2.5% platform fee (which is half that of gofundme) and our payment processor, WePay, charges a processing fee of 2.90% + $0.30 per donation. Fees are automatically deducted from each donation; donors are never charged any incremental fees.

Competitive sites, particularly those that claim they are "100% free" charge donors an additional fee.  We do not believe in this approach, particularly because the end result is that the campaign beneficiary receives a smaller percentage of total dollars donated. Additionally, we think charging donors a separate fee is a poor customer service experience.

More about WePay

WePay is our payment processor. When you set up a Kind.Fund campaign, a WePay account is set up for the person who is going to be receiving the money (you, another person or an organization). The WePay account must be confirmed before the money can be released. The person receiving the money will get an email to confirm their WePay account.

Due to federal regulations, funds must be withdrawn from the WePay account within 30 days of receiving the first donation. If funds are not withdrawn within 30 days of the first donation, then no further contributions can be made. So, it is important for you or the beneficiary to confirm the WePay account and set up withdrawals as soon as possible.

When you withdraw money, the amount raised that is displayed on your campaign page will not change. It will always show the total amount raised.

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