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My interest in Disc Sports (frisbee) goes back 52 years. This is when I relocated from Flatbush Brooklyn to Lower Sproul Plaza on the UC Berkeley Campus in 1968. Right before our scheduled softball game. We were “The Amazing Berkeley Mets”. There was an adult man, on a college campus, throwing dozens of white Frisbees as far as he could and nobody was catching them! I had to ask him to please stop throwing the frisbees. Little did I know, that “Bob May” and I would become friends, and travel to Houghton, Mi in 1972, for the 15th Annual International Guts Frisbee Tournament with 10 of our newly formed “Berkeley Frisbee Group” teammates. It was great to be part of that event. I was the Original World Frisbee Champion in 1974.You might have seen one of my choregraphed World Champion Frisbee Shows. John Kirkland and I perform our Pregame Show for the Harem Globetrotters in 1974-5. We played before 2 million fans on our 6 month tour.national tour with John Kirkland and the Harlem Globetrotters in 1974-5. In many Brooklyn neighborhood, when the Harlem Globetrotters were on ABC Wide World of Sports. Our entire family was watching the Magicians of Basketball! To think that one day. I would be invited to Meadowlark Lemon’s Christmas party, with his entire family and Globetrotter Team. Was surreal. It still is.


I am always trying to do the right thing. And, in my senior years. I seem to be more interested in relationships and continuing to follow a proven lifestyle for longevity.


I need back surgery to replace two degenerative discs T-3 and T-4. The VA will not approve my operation. I want to live a normal live without the constant back pain. And, I don't want the Veteran Administration to win by refusing to do the right thing. They are very good about that. They are only concerned about money and bonuses. They preferred not to approve medical treatments that will cost more for the VA. Please, don't forget our 40 veterans who were put on a do not call list and died while waiting for that VA appointment that will never come. (VA Phoenix Reginal Hospital).

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